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My Publication ENGR. DR. U SHETTIMA ALI JOURNALSJan 1, 2001 

The quantum development is very rapid, as one innovation replaces another in a matter of weeks. Interconnected phone calls across the different Nigerian telecommunication service providers are mostly difficult to connect and often diverted, incurring unnecessary charges on the customers. This compels the consumers to register and use multiple subscriber information modules (SIM) so that they can switch to another if one fails. This study aims to identify and prioritize the key factors in selecting telecom service providers by subscribers in Nigeria using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) in order to match the factors with the GSM network providers and create a hierarchical structure. Opinion of 400 random subscribers of different service providers were sought using questionnaire out of which 373 were retuned and considered valid. In general, four components and ten sub-components were examined in this study. After determining the weights of these components, the importance of each was prioritized and base on these criteria MTN was favored then Airtel and GLO and 9Mobile, second, third and fourth respectively....