Registration Guide

Registration Procedure

Personal and Academic Data:

All new and returning students must register with the Academic Affairs office at the beginning of the session. In addition, all students are expected to register with:
  1. The Medical and Health Services Unit;
  2. The Student Affairs Office; and
  3. The Library
In the case of new students, the following documents shall be required at the Academic Affairs Office during the registration:
  1. Letter of offer of admission by the Polytechnic or the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.
  2. Original copies of credentials
  3. Recent passport size photographs (4 copies)
  4. Birth Certificate/Age Declaration Certificate
  5. Medical Certificate of Fitness
  6. Indigene Letter
The Academic Affairs Office shall ensure that:
  1. All the credentials presented by every new candidate are genuine;
  2. copies of credentials of the candidate must agree with the photocopies sent with the application form;
  3. The candidate meets the general entry requirements specified in this handbook;
  4. Each student signs an undertaking of Good Conduct (Form GD).
If the candidate is found register able he/she will be given a permit by the Academic Affairs Division after which he/she will obtain a Bank draft and present to the Bursary for payment of fees, the receipt obtained at the Bursary on payment of full registration fees enables the candidate to collect materials for course registration at the Academic Affairs Office and proceed to the Department for full registration.


Course Registration

  1. Each new or continuing student is required to register for all the courses prescribed for his/her programme of studies at beginning of the session as provided for by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) guide syllabi. However, no student shall be allowed to register for more than the maximum credit hours per semester as prescribed by the NBTE curriculum for each programme.
  2. All courses in the polytechnic, except those offered in the pre-national diploma are weighted by means of contact hours which are converted into credits. This is necessary in determining the total weight of instruction a student carries over a period so as to qualify for the award of a diploma.
  3. Fresh National Diploma candidates shall not be allowed to register after matriculation, while continuing students shall not (except with the express permission of the Academic Board) be allowed to register three weeks after the re-opening of the Polytechnic Pre-National Diploma candidates shall also not be allowed to register three weeks after the release of Pre-national Diploma supplementary admissions. Late registration attracts a fee of N1, 000.00.
  4. Any student who fails to register at the beginning of any session for the appropriate course(s) shall not be allowed to sit for the unregistered courses.
  5. Any student who fails to register for a session shall be deemed to have forfeited his or her studentship voluntarily

Refund of Registration Fees:

Where a student withdraws from the polytechnic voluntarily or is withdrawn by the polytechnic within four weeks of registration, he/she may apply for and be refunded his/her registration fees on the approval of the Rector.

Electronic Registration Procedure

Students are require to register through the Federal Polytechnic Damaturu Portal by following the steps below.


Access the portal at: and click on Admission ;

STEP 2   - Provide your login details:

use your JAMB number. Or your PHONE number as your user name, and the password is: app.

STEP 3   - Profiles:

click my profile and fill all the necessary information;

STEP 4   - Registration Payment:

Click pay registration fee and choose payment option either bank or with debit card;

STEP 5   - Generation of Registration Number:

-  If payment was made at bank branch you have to repeat steps 1 & 2 for you to get your registration number;
-  If the payment was made with debit card the registration number will be given automatically.

STEP 6   - Courses Registration.

-Log in with your registration number as your user name and the password is: reg.
-   Change your password;
-   Courses will be registered for you automatically by the Federal Polytechnic Damaturu portal
-  Print your acceptance letter, medical report and three copies of courses registration slip after approval and submit to the following:
  •   Head of Department;
  •   School Director and
  •   Academic Secretary.